Applying the concept of leverage accelerates business growth and improvement. Leverage means dividing your work to multiply the results. There are 4 ways to use leverage in business. You can leverage through people because you can get more work done through others than you can by yourself. You can use leverage with properly documented systems. We believe that systems should run a business and the right people should run your systems. You can leverage your marketing by employing a 10×10 marketing approach that is tested and measured. You can leverage through finance by tracking your numbers, reviewing them frequently, and making changes as needed.

Another way of understanding leverage is “do the work once, get paid forever, or at least long-term”. Every time you create a system, you are no longer doomed to repeating those instructions and should save at least 5 minutes of your time. Write 12 systems and gain an hour. The time you invest writing the system pays for itself for a long time to come. What if you write a book? A song? The effort you expend now pays dividends for a long time. Delegation is a form of leverage through your Team. Equip them with the tools, knowledge, and resources. Gain their commitment to be accountable and you will be amazed at the process. For more on leverage, read our book Instant Systems.

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Mark Raciappa comes to ActionCOACH after 33 rewarding years in the Grocery Industry with the most recent 13 as Owner/Manager of his own store. During his tenure, he took over three different stores that were losing money and restored them to profitability by improving Sales, Marketing, Team Performance, and Customer Service. Along the way he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Florida State University. His proven track record of success assures his clients of results in their businesses as well.
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