Learn before you Earn

“Earn” only comes before “learn” in the dictionary. In order to earn more, it is necessary to learn more (and apply the learning). That’s why “I Know” (meaning: been there,done that, got the t-shirt…) kills your ability to learn, grow and develop. In many cases, you are the expert IN your business—you know a lot. Most of us can benefit from learning how to work ON our businesses. Another way to express that is to say that we could all stand to improve our learning about how to run a business that delivers our product or service.

Well, you ask, how long will that take? ActionCOACH defines a business as: A commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. Our experience has shown that it takes from 2-7 years to accomplish that with a business. Allow an additional 3 years beyond that and you could have a reasonable goal of getting rich in 5-10 years (depending on how you define that). The keys are to learn, prepare, plan, test, measure, adjust, apply, and discipline yourself. Your Coach will keep you focused on your goal and hold you accountable for the progress you want to make.

A great default for learning is reading 1 book per month on business or personal development. Doing this alone will put you ahead of most of your competitors and peers. When finished, select your top 3 takeaways and how you will apply them to your present situation. Some books may take more time, others less. Audio books, DVD’s and seminars/workshops “count” toward your learning regimen. Plan your learning along with other financial and project goals. You’ll be amazed at the results!

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Mark Raciappa comes to ActionCOACH after 33 rewarding years in the Grocery Industry with the most recent 13 as Owner/Manager of his own store. During his tenure, he took over three different stores that were losing money and restored them to profitability by improving Sales, Marketing, Team Performance, and Customer Service. Along the way he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Florida State University. His proven track record of success assures his clients of results in their businesses as well.
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