Gratitude & Celebration

A true example of WIN-WIN is the expression of gratitude and the willingness to celebrate our achievements. Too often, we are so “busy” that we don’t allow ourselves the time to stop briefly and “smell the roses”.

Thank you notes will really perk up someone’s day and will make you stand out because you took the time to care. How often do we spend time chasing the accounts who are overdue paying and simply accept the payment from those who pay on time? Unfortunately, the best-paying customers don’t hear from us as often as the slow payers and this is just not right!

Another opportunity that we often neglect is setting a reward for accomplishments. Try motivating yourself and your Team by defining what the “prize” is for achieving certain goals. Any excuse to celebrate significant achievement will bolster morale and increases the chances of a repeat. Behavior that gets recognized gets repeated.

One last point: the best goals are those that involve others. We seem to be better able to pursue something if it really means something to someone else. Parents do this all the time, denying themselves for the sake of the children. We are more willing to let ourselves down than someone else. Good goal-setting strategy implies that, if we include others in the goal (and the reward), we are more motivated to persevere and less likely to fall short.. Next time you’re feeling a little down, go on a “rampage of gratitude”, listing 10 things you are truly thankful for. It will turn your perspective, and your day, around.

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Mark Raciappa comes to ActionCOACH after 33 rewarding years in the Grocery Industry with the most recent 13 as Owner/Manager of his own store. During his tenure, he took over three different stores that were losing money and restored them to profitability by improving Sales, Marketing, Team Performance, and Customer Service. Along the way he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Florida State University. His proven track record of success assures his clients of results in their businesses as well.
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