Response Ability

Your ability as the Owner or Leader to respond is critical to business improvement. For the business to change, first YOU must change. If you’re as human as the rest of us, you are a “creature of habit” and are somewhat resistant to change (some more so than others!).

The Formula for Change is: D x V + F > R. Your dissatisfaction (D) must be palpable (that’s usually easy given the challenging economic conditions). You must also believe that action you take will yield your desired results, or at least set you in the right path (V for vision). If either of these = zero (0), there is no impetus and you will not change. You must be willing to start (F for first steps) and all three of these combined must overcome your natural resistance (R) to change. By the way, this same formula is at work in your clients and prospects as they decide whether to do business with you.

Now to your action. The ability to respond implies that you are past the point of Denial. If you cannot accept the idea that corrective action is needed, you cannot be persuaded to take it. Once over this initial hurdle, then you must consider the time, money, team, and other resources necessary to accomplish the change you want to make. Your ability to respond is influenced by all these variables and it’s in your best interests to take a thorough look. It starts with a decision, your choice, so true responsibility is up to you.

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Mark Raciappa comes to ActionCOACH after 33 rewarding years in the Grocery Industry with the most recent 13 as Owner/Manager of his own store. During his tenure, he took over three different stores that were losing money and restored them to profitability by improving Sales, Marketing, Team Performance, and Customer Service. Along the way he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Florida State University. His proven track record of success assures his clients of results in their businesses as well.
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