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The process of human change begins inside us and our outlook drives it. All of us possess tremendous potential. Attitude determines the size of our dreams and influences our level of determination when we are confronted with obstacles.

We’ve all heard: “perception is reality”, and so it is with our attitude. Attitude truly determines our altitude in life and in business. We also know that attitudes are contagious-is yours worth catching?

To improve your attitude (and your results), start by examining the words you use. Eliminate negative words (don’t, not, never, etc) from your vocabulary. Further, consider who you “hang around” with. What books, magazines, newspapers do you normally read? What TV shows do you watch? What radio programs do you listen to? Is the content to which you expose yourself driving you toward your goals, dreams, and ambitions? Remember your mind is like a fertile field and it will “grow” whatever you plant there and nurture. Improve your attitude by pulling some “weeds” from the fertile field of your mind.

Understand that life is like a mirror. What you project is what you reflect. A great book to read is The Law of Attraction, by Michael Losier. The vibrations you send out are reflected back to you. Change your thoughts, change your words, change your actions and you will change your results. When you feel down, go on a rampage of gratitude, writing down the things you have to be thankful for. Laugh daily. Catch someone doing something right and praise them for it. Perform an AAOK-an anonymous act of kindness. There is no limit to the good a person can do if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.

Lastly, assign a number to each letter of the word “attitude” that corresponds with its place in the alphabet (a is 1, and so on). Add up the numbers and you get 100. Your attitude is 100% of the fuel you need to propel you forward. Make sure yours is pushing you in the right direction.

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